Xambala Inc Jobs

Xambala Inc

Xambala Inc is a Private Sector Organisation that offers services in Financial Services with Annual Total Turnover of 10-100 Crs and with Employee Strength of 10 to 50.
Xambala, Inc. was founded in 2001 and is based in San Jose, California. Xambala, Inc. delivers message stream processing subsytem for the financial market. The company has a development center in Chennai, India.

System Administrator
Please send your resume to humanresources@xambala.com. Or visit given web link http://www.xambala.com/opencms/xambala/en/careers/index.html for more information about above vacancies.

Xambala Inc Head Office Address:
No: 38 Sterling Road Nungambakkam
Chennai : 600034
Tamil Nadu, India
Xambala Inc Phone Number: (44) 42142063 42142062
Xambala Inc Website: www.xambala.com

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