ZNet India Jobs

ZNet India Jobs

ZNet India is India’s one of the Indicating the most important performer or role web hosting and domain name service providers. ZNet India progressed in leaps and bounds and achieved high repute globally. Aiming to give its customers the best web hosting facility, ZNet India continues to improve the quality of services and support. The Of greater importance, stature or rank services of this company such as Linux hosting, Windows hosting, A particular environment or walk of life name selling, Dedicated hosting, SSL certificates, etc. It also the verbal act of offering web hosting packages to suits everyone’s need. However, the company allows the customer to customize the hosting package and get a quote suiting their business. The company Bring to a destination makes a delivery high-quality services at lowest prices and provides various web solutions for individuals and businesses. Net India was Start a new organization in year 1999 in Jaipur.

Business Email,
Domain Name
Hosted Exchange,
LivePerson Pro etc.
Managed Dedicated Hosting,
SSL Certificate,
Windows Hosting

Current Openings

Technical Openings
Sales Openings
Software Development Openings
Finance Development Openings

TO catch more detail about above vacancies please visit given web address http://careers.znetindia.com/current-openings

ZNet Technologies (P) Ltd
D-10/52, Janki Marg, Opposite Chitrakoot Stadium, Chitrakoot,
Vaishali Nagar,
Website: http://www.znetindia.com

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